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Revitalize your wardrobe with a transformative Closet Edit service. Elevate your closet, by decluttering and streamlining it for a more aesthetically pleasing and functional space. 
The Closet Edit service provides valuable insights into your style and helps Paula identify any gaps in your wardrobe, allowing her to recommend key pieces to enhance your collection.

Revise your closet and unlock its full potential!


Say goodbye to clutter and hello to a streamlined closet. Remove items that no longer serve you, creating space for a more efficient, and streamlined wardrobe.



The Closet Edit experience provides valuable insights into your style, helping to identify any gaps and holes. You’ll also receive a wardrobe checklist of key pieces that will enhance your collection and create a versatile capsule wardrobe.



Throughout the Closet Edit, Paula will help you make informed decisions about what to keep, donate, or resell. Ultimately, you will decide what stays and what can be donated, making room for a refreshed and refined wardrobe.



Our service includes reviewing items for donation, dropping them off at a local shelter, as well as assisting in the resale of lightly worn designer goods. 


Finding the perfect outfit becomes a breeze with a thoughtfully arranged closet. Categorized by type, color, and purpose, making it easier to mix and match, saving you valuable time during your daily routine.

A well-organized and curated wardrobe enhances your confidence. By eliminating items that no longer serve you, you will focus on the pieces that make you feel your best, ensuring you step out into the world with self-assurance and style.


Client Testimonial

 "If you are stressed out and overwhelmed by your closet, Paula is the stylist for you! Paula did an edit and wardrobe styling for me. She looks at every item in your closet including shoes and handbags. She removes the items that are long out of style, damaged, or don't fit. The result was a completely organized, beautiful closet. The wardrobe styling was awesome. Paula was able to put together cute outfits with my existing clothes. Paula has GREAT style and is extremely kind and professional. I highly recommend her!"

- Cindy Issac

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