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Welcome to STYLED BY PAULA'S  Signature Service, here we highlight the ultimate trifecta of style transformation. Revolutionize your wardrobe with a seamless blend of services, including a comprehensive closet edit, personalized shopping experience, and expert wardrobe styling session, making it the perfect choice for new clients who want to start with a solid foundation

With an in-depth understanding of your preferences, enjoy a carefully curated selection of your existing wardrobe that suit your style, preferences, and body type. Then, watch as the magic happens, with a freshly new streamlined and functional space you will be able to recreate head-turning outfits that elevate your confidence and showcase your individuality. Embrace a wardrobe that tells your story with the all-in-one Signature Service. 

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  • Up to 3 hours of service at client's home

  • Personalized guidance on keeping, donating, or reselling items

  • Curation of a functional wardrobe


  • Fitting session and styling guidance at client's home

  • Curated looks incorporating shoes and accessories (12-15 outfits)

  • Digital lookbook, available on your smartphone, for easy dressing inspiration


  • 2 hours of service at Paula's Styling Studio with pre-selected and curated pieces matching your preferences

  • Try on and keep what you love

  • Returns, exchanges, and alterations taken care of

  • Outfits added to your digital wardrobe

Client Testimonial

"First session will give you a new perspective on your existing wardrobe and help you purge, then you get a whole new wardrobe a few weeks later! Paula takes care of everything: returns, exchanges for size, and alterations! When I get compliments and I tell ppl my stylist picked it out, they say “your wife has great taste” most people don’t have the time, energy, or experience to do a big overhaul of tired, old clothes. And why should they? That’s what Paula is here for."

- Brian Berner

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