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Unlock the full potential of your wardrobe with our transformative Wardrobe Styling Session. It's time to maximize pieces in your closet with reinvented outfits like never before!

Dress confidently and effortlessly with a curated collection, conveniently accessible right on your smartphone. 
By making the most of what you already own, you'll reduce the need for unnecessary shopping trips and expenses. 



A one-on-one consultation where you’ll discuss your style preferences, fashion goals, and any specific areas of your wardrobe that you'd like to focus on.



While the styling session is designed for a personalized try-on experience to ensure a perfect fit for each outfit, an alternative option in the form of a flat-lay is also available.



Paula will conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your existing wardrobe, carefully identifying key pieces that can be reinvented into thoughtful outfits.



You'll receive a convenient digital lookbook featuring photographs of each curated outfit. Accessible on your smartphone, it serves as a visual reference and a source of inspiration for easy dressing.


12-15 complete outfits using your chosen 7 pieces as the foundation. Personalized looks that enhance your personal style, including shoes and accessories.



In the digital lookbook, each outfit will be accompanied with styling tips. You'll learn how to personalize and recreate the looks, empowering you to confidently experiment with different styles.

Client Testimonial

"I really didn't know what to expect. I've been so frustrated with everything in my closet. Paula was amazing! From the first contact, she was helpful and encouraging. She said her goal was to make everyone feel comfortable and confident in what they're wearing - and she completely delivered! She pulled together a whole new wardrobe for me from my existing closet, including pairing jewelry and shoes. The price was completely reasonable for the time, effort, attention, and new ideas she gave me - MUCH less expensive than buying all new! Can't wait to use her again in 6 months for a spring/summer refresh!"

- Rebecca Davis

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