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20% Off Your Custom Order!

This father's day when you choose the gift of a tailor-made garment you'll receive 20% off your entire custom order.

Custom highlights the best features of its wearer because you can:

• choose garment (sport-coat, suit, button-up, button-down, slack,

performance tops and bottoms)

• choose price point (good, better, best)

• choose fabric (seasonal or 4 seasons)

• choose lining (classic or bold)

• choose buttons (so many options)

• choose felt undercollar (pick color)

• choose collar tab (removable)

• choose stitching (on collar and sleeves)

choose monogram (up to 17 characters of whatever you want)

Choose Choose Choose

An experience made for every man, every shape, every size!

Book your free consultation here:

The promotion will be valid through 6/19

and you will have until the end of July to use it.

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