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3 Ways to Dress Up a Silk Pant

3 ways to dress up a silk pant

Styling a silk pant is one thing, trying to pair clothes with a printed silk pant is another. Don't sweat it! All you need are these three wardrobe staples to complete 3 different looks:

👌🏼 Cropped cardigan

👌🏼 Blazer

👌🏼 Complimentary top

👉🏼 Each piece flatters a color in the pant; they are

Solid, Subtle, Staples.

Which pairing is your favorite? ⬇️ Let me know in the comments! Don't forget, my Digital Wardrobe service gets those unworn pieces rotating right back into your seasonal wardrobe!

Book your session now at 👉🏼

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