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How to Implement Your Favorite Colors if You Don't Own a Jersey: 49ers v Chiefs

It's that time again for the Super Bowl and to bring out the colors of our favorite teams! Red and gold are the key colors in both teams and I'm here to help you look your best!

If you don't own a team jersey, don't worry! Choosing the right clothing and colors to wear will have you repping your team in the most stylish way.

San Fransisco 49ers:

  • If you are wanting to represent their uniforms, the best way is to choose a metallic gold top to pant for this.

  • Paired with white, to go with their white jerseys this year, no one will question who you are cheering for!

  • Accessorize with a similar colored shoe, typically the gold color.

Kansas City Chiefs:

  • A yellow/gold jacket with a red tee underneath is a great option

  • Pairing this with a simple black trouser or jean will have you sporting them perfectly!

  • A sneaker would fit well with this look to tie in with the casual jacket.

With football season coming to an end, let's finish it with a bang by being the best-dressed fan in the stands or at home! Walking into a room, with everyone knowing who you're cheering for, will have eyes on you instead of questions.

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