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How to Implement Your Favorite Colors If You Don't Own a Jersey: 49ers v chiefs

Win or lose, we all want to rep our favorite team through our clothes. With both teams being similar in colors, it's paramount to make sure who we're in favor of comes across with our outfit.

The recent Super Bowl was filled with red in the stands, and I'm going to make sure your outfit screams your favorite team.

Kansas City Chiefs:

  • Their staple colors are red and gold, but it comes off more on the yellow side.

  • Focus on making sure the gold that you're wearing is similar to the Chief's colors.

  • Wearing a red blazer with yellow/gold detailing is perfect for this

  • Pairing their staple color with a white or black bottom is the way to tie everything together

San Fransico 49ers:

  • Staple colors are red and gold, with the gold being a hint of metallic.

  • A gold metallic blazer or top is just the thing to wear for the 'niners

  • Any black or white bottom would also work for this.

The best way to differentiate the colors, is by focusing more on the metallic or yellow gold with your team. It causes for less confusion if you don't happen to have a jersey.

We all love to represent our teams even weeks after the big game. Show your support by looking chic and stylish in their colors!

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