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How to Pack for Summer Conferences

For professional women packing for summer work trips can be a bit of a challenge. Here are three quick tips to keeping it light and stylish:

  1. Pack a suit.. or two. Choose a light weight fabric that won't have you too hot outside but still provides some warmth when you're inside those freezing corporate buildings. Think linen. Then pack a few "base layers" that could work under the suit but would also be appropriate alone.

  2. Mix and match. Sport the complete suit one day and then ditch the jacket the next. Choose a base layer and pair it with a sweater. Throw on a scarf for some flare and pop of color. With just two suits and two tops one could hypothetically style five separate outfits. Look to our board for inspo.

  3. Always throw in a skirt! A skirt works for the travel days and the quick transition from airport to office. They also transition well from day to night and can add some wardrobe diversity. Pair with either of the base layers and voila, you're ready to conquer the day!

Get your power suit ready! Shop the board:

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