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How to Stay Stylish on the 4th of July

Updated: Jun 26

With June coming to a close we thought it best to cover the summer's brightest (and hottest) holiday - the 4th of July! Here's how to dress to theme with elegance:

  1. Choose between red, white, and blue as your base color. Keep the base monochromatic (no prints) and incorporate extra colors, patterns, and textures through your accessories. Think of the accessories as little bursts of interest!

  2. But be strategic. Opt for a chic bandana scarf, cool sunglasses, fun purse, and cute shoes. Choose one of the remaining colors for your accents and stick to it. Less is more! Keep the look minimal and clean.

  3. Invest in pieces that you would wear again and/or peruse your closet for what might already work. Often we buy clothes with a specific theme in mind that we might not wear elsewhere. Stay timeless by purchasing pieces with multiple purposes!

Happy Independence Day! Shop the look here:

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