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How to Travel in Style

Happy Summer! Be it a trip home or a trip overseas, we often opt for comfort over style at the airport. Here's a quick SBP guide on how to dress with elegance and comfort while en route to your final destination.

1. Layers. We all know that airport temperatures can vary so be prepared! We recommend a loose fitting base layer paired with a warmer second layer - an overcoat, sweater, upscale sweatshirt. Ladies, rather that wadding up your second layer and throwing it in your bag, style your second layer over your shoulders. It'll save you space in your bag and pull together your look!

2. Invest in a nice carry on roller and tote. Travel bags do have an expiration date so asses how yours is looking! We recommend investing in a darker color roller that won't show wear as easily.

3. Wear a pair of real pants versus leggings, gym shorts, etc. A pair of comfy jeans will elevate your entire ensemble and save you space in your bag! Plus should your luggage go missing.. you at least have a good pant option!

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