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What Exactly is "Black Tie Optional"?

With wedding season in full swing here is a quick guide to today's most popular dress code: Black Tie Optional.

  • For men the rules are simple. Men are required to choose between a tuxedo or dark suit with a tie. The tie can be vibrant but there should still be a subtlety to it- think a pattern but in darker tones or a solid color but on the brighter side. Dress shoes encouraged for both looks.

  • For ladies there's a tad more leniency. Women can opt for a full length dress or proper cocktail attire - dressy separates or a mid length dress. In terms of color and pattern, it's permissible to wear either as long as they are accessorized correctly. The busier the dress, the less accessories needed and vice versa. Conservative necklines and heels encouraged.

  • In terms of accessories men should stick to ties and pocket squares. Ladies should sport a small clutch and jewelry. It's important to keep these details minimal and well curated as they are there to enhance your look not distract from it!

Cheers to the happy couple! Shop the board!

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