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What is the proper pant length FOR MEN?

There are three different lengths to consider when hemming or shortening pants. Let's break it down (pun intended):

  • Full break: This break is considered very traditional but is not highly recommended. With a full break, the length of the pants extend to the shoe, creating a noticeable crease and bunching of fabric. It can appear a bit old-fashioned and tends to give a less polished look.

  • Normal break: The normal break is the more commonly used option for trousers and jeans. It allows the pants to rest just above the shoe while maintaining a slight crease. When you sit down, the pants may rise a bit, revealing a peek of your fun socks. This break strikes a good balance between a classic and modern style.

  • No break: For a more trendy and fashion-forward look, the no break length hits at the ankle, leaving no crease or bunching of fabric. This style is popular among the fashion-conscious crowd and can give a sleek and clean appearance. However, it's worth noting that the no break length may not be suitable for all occasions or body types.

Considering these options, I would personally recommend going for a normal break. It offers a versatile and timeless look, suitable for various settings and outfits. It strikes a good balance between a classic and contemporary style, ensuring you appear sharp and well-dressed. Check out some examples of the different breaks below!

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