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A Quick Guide to Sprucing Up Your 9-5

Dressing for work can get mundane - a cycle of muted colors, conservative necklines, and baggy silhouettes. But looking professional doesn't have to be synonymous with looking drab. The SBP solution: sporting traditional staples with a twist! Here's how:

  • Invest in a blazer. Try to find one that has some color and/or texture interest. Consider it for both summer and winter. They elevate every look and can also keep you warm when that office AC is blasting!

  • Stay classic with your base layers but don't be afraid to deviate. Look for a blouse and pants with a slight flare. Be it the length of the sleeves or a subtle pattern, adding a twist to your classic staples is an easy way to feel appropriately dressed while maintaining a sense of personal style.

  • Use your accessories to add a little bit of color and pizzazz. Every professional woman needs a practical heel, sophisticated flat, and versatile watch. Professional fellows should consider a statement belt and sharp loafer. Use accessories to personalize your look! Shop the board!

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