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Are you a pear body type?

This week we are helping moms dress for their body type! The time has come to unleash your style and embrace those killer curves and create some jaw-dropping looks that highlight your best feature. Today we will be focusing on the pear shaped figure!

Look for:

  • Ways to accentuate your neck, chest, and waistline to draw attention upwards.

  • Opt for A-line silhouettes that flow gracefully over your hips and create a balanced look.

  • Choose darker bottoms and light-colored tops to bring attention to your upper body.


  • Pleats and side pockets that add unnecessary bulk to your hips.

  • Straight cut, shapeless silhouettes that may not flatter your curves.

  • Peplums and ruffles that can create volume around your hips.

Remember, confidence is your ultimate accessory, so rock those outfits with pride! Check back tomorrow for how to style a rectangle body type!

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