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Businessman Edition: 5 style rules to guarantee success

Rule 1: Care

If you want to project a powerful image and respect, you have to start with your attire.

Rule 2: Invest in timeless pieces in the quality you can afford

Your clothes should be easy to interchange so you can create multiple looks with the same items. EX) The same suit worn with a different combination of shirts and tie can ultimately produce very different styles.

Rule 3: Know what to hang and what to fold

Shirts, jackets, and trousers should always be hung. Make sure to use extra-wide shoulder hangers for blazers and sportcoats to prevent damage.

Rule 4: Use shoe trees to keep your Oxford in shape

If you invested in high-quality dress shoes it’s worth spending a little extra on a set of shoe trees to preserve the shape of your shoes.

Rule 5: Don’t overcrowd your wardrobe

Keep it simple. Keep it organised.

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