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How to Mix Patterns

Mixing and matching patterns is one of my favorite ways to add some pizzazz to my outfits! Here are my tips for doing it in an classic way:

  1. Find a common color: Look for patterns that share a common color to tie them together. For example, if you have a striped shirt with blue and white stripes, pair it with a floral skirt that has blue flowers.

  2. Vary the scale: Mix patterns that have different scales, such as pairing a small polka dot blouse with a larger plaid skirt. This will help create a balanced and interesting look.

  3. Consider texture: Don't be afraid to mix patterns with different textures. A silky leopard print top can look great with a chunky knit cardigan.

  4. Be confident: The key to pulling off a mixed pattern look is confidence! Don't be afraid to experiment and try new things. Wear what makes you feel good and rock it with pride.

So go ahead and mix and match those patterns, my friend! Have fun with it and let your personal style shine through. Shop these looks here!

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