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How To: Travel Comfortably and Fashionably for Your Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving travel can be both exciting and exhausting, and the last thing you want to worry about is discomfort. Here are our top recommended elevated basics for dressing comfortably while en route to your holiday destination:

For Women:

- Vince leggings are an excellent choice for comfort and style.

- Layer with a cozy cardigan or oversized sweater for extra warmth and versatility.

- Opt for cushioned, low-heeled shoes, stylish sneakers that provide support for long walks, or low-heeled ankle boots make security checks a breeze.

For Men:

- Opt for a tailored jogger - lululemon has a nice performance 4 way stretch pant or the brand Vince for a more comfortable relaxed fit

- Choose a nice knit polo for comfortability.

- A plaid flannel, cable cardigan, or knit blazer to adapt to changing cabin temperatures, in style.

With these elevated yet functional basics, you can ensure a comfortable and stylish journey during your Thanksgiving travels. Shop the style board here for some ideas. Safe travels and enjoy your holiday celebrations!

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