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Spring Outfit Inspo for Men

Whether you gotta dress up or dress down, here's a quick guide to inspire you.

1. Business Professional:

  • Solid suit with a solid or pattern dress shirt

  • Pair with a coordinating tie and pocket square

  • Brown or black dress shoes with a matching belt

2. Business Casual:

  • Solid chinos with a dress shirt

  • Add a textured or pattern sport-coat for a more elevated look

  • Black or brown loafers with a matching belt

3. Casual Wear:

  • Light-colored denim with a n un-tucked shirt and light-weight bomber

  • Pair with white leather sneakers or suede boots

  • Match belt to shoes (or sole of shoes - unless it's a white leather sneaker then a brown works best)

Some general tips for spring dressing include incorporating pastel colors, lighter fabrics (cotton and linen blends), and layering for versatility. Don't be afraid to mix and match different styles and textures to add some flare to your personal style!

Shop men's attire for all dress codes here and check out my wardrobe styling service here!

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