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Understanding How Clothes Fit when Shopping

Shopping for ourselves has increasingly gotten harder with the variety of brands offering vanity sizing. Understanding your fit will allow you to have a more pleasant shopping experience with confidence and comfortability.

Knowing your measurements:

  • Having your measurements written down in your notes app or on a piece of paper is a game-changer when you're in-store and looking over different brands.

  • Your body-type is key to understanding how clothing fits and looks on your shape.

Shop for your body-type - Women:

  • Pear shaped: A-line silhouettes are perfect to highlight your waist, chest and neck. Steer towards light tops and dark bottoms to move the eye upwards.

  • Hourglass shape: Wrap-around tops that highlight your waist are perfect. For bottoms, focus on mid and high-rise jeans.

  • Apple shaped: Highlight your collarbone and legs. Wear a short dress or skirt that defines the waist.

  • Inverted triangle: A-line and shift dresses work great with this body-type. Try choosing mid to low-rise jeans with color or print to draw attention to your legs.

  • Rectangle: Choose to either focus on top or bottom for volume, never both. Try flowy fabrics to soften everything and use belts and wrap around tops to accentuate your waist.

Shop for your body-type - Men:

  • Pear: Patterned tops and solid bottoms to keep the eye up. Try jackets with structured shoulder and single-breasted suits.

  • Hourglass: Close fit and tailored styled pieces are great. Focus on width neckties and always go with vertical strips on any piece of clothing.

  • Apple: Henley t-shirts and dark, single-breasted jackets are the way to go. Adding in suspenders will help avoid slipping.

  • Inverted triangle: Avoid structured jackets and blazers. Go with v-necks and straight-legged bottoms.

  • Rectangle: Structured tailoring is great for emphasizing your shoulders. Try layered looks and horizontal stripes.

Everyone is unique in their own way and understanding how certain pieces fit and flatter will allow you to have a better shopping experiences. Familiarize yourself with your body and start shopping capsule pieces!

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